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vectorelement original tracks : lets see the RIAA stop this.

Rockman - Unauthorized

Size: 4 MB
Length: 4:19
Genre: (Electronic)

Rockman - Fashion

Size: 4.1 MB
Length: 4:26
Genre: House

Rockman - House2

Size: 5.7 MB
Length: 6:09
Genre: House

Rockman - House2 (Mellow Dub)

Size: 6.2 MB
Length: 6:40
Genre: House

Rockman - Angel Step

Size: 6.6 MB
Length: 7:06
Genre: Drum and Bass

Rockman - You're Shady

Size: 11.4 MB
Length: 9:54
Genre: Trance

Rockman - Summer Dream

Size: 6.6 MB
Length: 5:45
Genre: House

Rockman - Unauthorized 2004

Size: 7.8 MB
Length: 6:48
Genre: (Electronic)

Rockman - House2 (Mellow Dub Deux)

Size: 7.6 MB
Length: 6:40
Genre: House

Rockman - In The Zone

Size: 6.7 MB
Length: 5:48
Genre: House

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